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Ms. Prachi Tikkha Saraswat

Knowing about Kegels in pregnancy October 27, 2020 in by

During pregnancy, or if recently delivered, you must have heard about the kegel exercise. Kegel, a pelvic floor strengthening exercise developed in the 1940s by Dr. Arnold kegel if done correctly helps the muscle in your pelvic and vaginal area strong to assist during labor and to help minimize postpartum incontinence.

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Knowing about Kegels in pregnancy
Effect of Exercises on Mental Health in Pregnancy September 7, 2020 in About Pregnancy, Health, Health & Safety, Pregnancy by

Being home quarantined, staying indoors, constant feeds from social media, watching the daily rise in positive cases is taking a toll on everybody’s mental health. Pregnant ladies, however, are at greater risk of experiencing the changes in their mindset because of changes in hormones.  Book online appointment with  Ms. Prachi Tikkha

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Effect of Exercises on Mental Health in Pregnancy


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